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Alpha K Brand is a revolutionary brand that has emerged to address the challenges faced by men in today's society. With a deep understanding of the struggles and misconceptions surrounding masculinity, Alpha K Brand is dedicated to empowering men to reclaim their true strength, purpose, and identity.


Khayree M. Beckem is one of seven brothers born and raised in Muskegon MI. Khayree is a first-time author who attended Grace Bible University to receive a bachelor’s degree in leadership and ministry. He furthered his education by obtaining a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in Finance from Spring Arbor University. Khayree has dedicated the last ten years of his life to researching the dynamics of love, relationships, and a man’s role within society.

Khayree considers himself to be a man of great faith and family, and prides himself on being an advocate for the Bible. He strongly believes in the concept of being a man in America and leading in life with dignity and honor. He has a passion for strengthening and guiding the minds of men to live a healthy, loving, and prosperous life in all aspects: spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and romantically. Khayree believes that knowledge, wisdom, and faith are the key components to moving in your purpose and strongly encourages men to walk in the gift that Yah (God) has bestowed upon their lives.

No stranger to women and relationships, Mr. Beckem understands that many men have been distracted by the power of women and have faltered due to their distractions. With this book, Khayree is hopeful that men will begin to move in their masculine frame and their purpose, while engaging in relations with women of value. He is excited to build confidence and honor within the man in society.

About Us
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When discussing a better life, Alpha Diaries speaks of a life where men are leaders professionally and romantically. Where men are masculine and operate based on dignity and integrity. They are confident, elegant, and high value.


Alpha Diaries wants to help change the trajectory of today's society when it comes to improving self, relationships, and gender roles within a relationship. Alpha Diaries wants to help men understand their role in this world and within their households. We need men to recognize the importance of being a man and how critical a man's position is when establishing a prosperous, healthy, and highly functioning relationship with a woman.


This book will afford men the opportunity to analyze their current state as a man and their interactions with women so that they can properly apply the practicalities within this book.

Men in Suits
Redefining Masculinity
Empowering Men to Unleash Their True Potential
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